October 14th  - November 20th weather permitting. Typically performed 2-4 times during the fall season. Cleaning the leaves as they come down. The number of visits to clean your property is dependent on how quickly and when the leaves drop off your trees. Our experienced professional crews will get your property cleaned up before the snow flies. Fall clean-up will consist of the same elements as spring clean-up although with a whole lot more leaf cleanup. We will clean your property by using our zero turn lawn mower leaf plow attachment to move heavy piles of leaves quickly as well by using our commercial stand on rider Z3000 blowers in large open areas. Back-pack blowers will be used to detail out beds around the house, landscaped beds, patios, decks and hard to reach areas. You may choose to have us cut back perennials at this time. All debris can be relocated to natural areas, or put at the roadside for town removal. You won’t find a more efficient company to take care of this task. Fall clean-up also includes a final lawn mowing for the season with our ultra-vac lawn mower bagging system. Any leaves that come down after the final cleanup or after November 20th, can be cleaned up by us in April during your spring cleanup. 


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Fall Clean Up's